If you're serious about becoming a consistent trader, join us in Miami Beach for this exclusive opportunity.

Join us in Miami Beach this May, and you’ll learn all of the strategies we have developed and used in our trading since 1997.  Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to learn with a small group of like-minded people who want to elevate their abilities.

We've combined our five-star-e-learning course with four full days of live in-person instruction and a full year of personal coaching & mentoring and have delivered one of the best trader-training programs available anywhere.


Adrian and Julie Manz

When you leave the Income Trader’s Boot Camp, you’ll receive our personal NYSE, Nasdaq, and opening gap trading plans each day for 12 months to foster complete mastery.  And best of all, you will receive access to ALL future live, in-person Boot Camp events.

That's a lot, and taken together, I believe this targeted combination is the best way to transform you into a highly-successful income trader.

"Brian (former market maker): So many people chase the market up and down like follow-the-leader . . . that's why what you do is so different and works in all markets!"


This program delivers on all counts!  

I'm Adrian Manz. I finished my MBA and Ph.D. and began a career as a trader and educator. My credentials and personal trading career uniquely qualified me to deliver the skills it takes to master trading quickly and effectively. I've seen a lot of half-baked education out there, and none of it focuses on adult learning the way I do to slash the learning curve.

Research shows adult learners focus on the relevance of the material, are actively involved, want immediate feedback, and need to understand the real-world benefits while practicing on their timetable. That's exactly what will happen at our 18th biannual Income Trader's Boot Camp.

Learn To Work When and Where You Want

Trading our account for income affords us a lifestyle we love, giving us a incredible freedom. Long before most people knew the joys of working from home, controlling the work schedule, and creating income while traveling, we were earning our living while exploring the whole world.

Being one of the most sought-after speakers and educators of financial markets, I pride myself on providing an excellent education to students of all levels of development. Whenever I have a speaking engagement, my family takes up residence, from weeks to months, allowing us to live worldwide and experience all of the wonders each place has to offer.  

Our son is 14-years old. He has spent more time in New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, London, Paris, Munich, Rome, Florence, Vienna and the Swiss Alps than most people will see in three lifetimes. We spend weeks at a time in the mountains skiing or at beautiful beaches scuba diving or sailing. All because of our decision to focus on income trading.  

Boot Camp is Your Opportunity to
Finish What You Started

Take Control 

If you're like most traders I've met over the years, then you started in this business excited about the potential for your trading to turn into your income stream. Along the way, you studied, traded, gained discipline, broke it, won, and lost. Psychology has had the better of you on many occasions. And the results have not been up to your initial expectations.

If you're serious about developing a steady income stream from your trading, then consider this proposal seriously. We are in the process of selecting our next group of Income Trading Boot Camp alumni. And since you expressed an interest in working with us, we want to talk to you about your goals. We want to see if you're a good fit for the fantastic group of people we have had the privilege to work with since 2013.  

Adrian Manz Delivers Actionable Education
Unparalleled Anywhere Else,
At Any Price

"After digesting the Bootcamp, Adrian's methods really hit home, and my trading perspective made an epic leap. Now I literally see fantastic trading opportunities all over the place" Wayne W.

Boot Camp Provides An Intense Agenda That Will Empower You To Trade At Your Maximum Potential 

From the minute we get going on Sunday until you leave Wednesday night, this will be trader education at its best.

Each day starts with live trading. After the first 90 minutes of the session, we will automate the trades and shift our attention to highly customized, personalized education. Alumni are there to share their successes and difficulties and help you become the best trader you can be.

At the Income Trading Boot Camp, we workshop your trading according to the attention you need.  

In one of the most successful training events of its kind ever, we show an elite inner circle of students how to duplicate what we do.

  • I will work with you in a small group of traders from Sunday through Wednesday. We will spend all day together, driving home the discipline that can make you a success. 
  • I will help you develop multiple, separate trading income streams.  
  • I will provide you access to my Income Trading Academy, with over 20 hours of online training and a 650-page workbook.
  • I will give you my One-Hour Trader Course, a tutorial for the first hour trades.
  • I will train, coach, and mentor you to get your trading business aimed at achieving a consistent income.
  • I will personally work with you to help you master the EXACT trading method I use.  
  • I will dedicate a YEAR OF MY LIFE working with you to build YOUR trading income with one-on-one, personal training.  
  • I'll plug you into a mastermind group of like-minded traders who are also building their trading businesses.  

Realistic Goals -
Substantial Gains

You might think you need a massive trading account to turn small trades into a real income.  

You'd be wrong. 

We encourage everyone to start with conservative account sizing. We tell most of our students that a $30,000 account is more than enough equity, to begin with, and at most, $5,000 of that should be risk capital. A conservative approach allows you to learn without threatening your financial well-being. The initial account size can get you up and running and build a habit of proper risk management. And steer you clear of the pie-in-the-sky, swing-for-the-fences mentality that causes most traders and investors to suffer losses.

Income trading is about controlling risk. Amateur traders naively ignore the threat and seek the 500% gains often touted by paper-trading gurus.  

That's a recipe for disaster.  

If you lose big chunks of your trading capital regularly, then you can't make a solid income for very long.  

Boot Camp Provides Multi-Modality Education That You Won't Find Anywhere Else

The combination of live and recorded training, ongoing support and mentorship, and a mastermind group of people you’ll consult with regularly makes this one of the best experiences in trader education. 

You can watch the videos below to get an idea of the great personalities you’ll be lucky enough to know at the event. These people have become some of our closest friends, and we ski, scuba dive, wine taste, and travel the world with as many of them as possible. It’s an elite group of outstanding people!

This is how our Income Trading Boot Camp Alumni Feel About The Event

You'll Also Receive The Income Trading Academy With Your Boot Camp Purchase

When we first developed this program, it was a live-only, one-time event, with far more lecturing and less hands-on trading. Over time, we have crafted the Income Trading Boot Camp & Mastermind Group to become the most extraordinary educational experience you will find anywhere.

We packaged the instructional lectures into a 20-hour online course that focuses on identifying patterns, order entry, and other core competencies, and give a year of mentoring and virtual live training in the War Room, and allow unlimited access to ALL future live Boot Camp Events. Our program hits all of the key points for Adult learners:

Traders purchased the program, called the Income Trading Academy, at the full price and were thrilled with the product. A few years later, I decided that the Income Trading Academy should be a prerequisite for Boot Camp and that the Boot Camp experience should be more intense, with an even higher level of learning. I decided to combine the Income Trading Academy with the live Boot Camp experience, giving students 200% value in coursework, live training and trading subscriptions. 

Alumni Attend Future Boot Camps Tuition Free  

As an Income Trading Boot Camp, Coaching Program & Mastermind Group alumni, you will be able to attend future Boot Camps tuition-free. I feel that keeping the mastermind group together is a critical component of their potential for success. And we actively encourage alumni to attend as many live events as they can.  

That means that if you become a member now, but do not think you can attend until a later event, you can do so at your convenience. As a matter of fact, you can complete the application by clicking the button below, and then elect to complete the Income Trading Academy now, and attend Boot Camp down the road. You can even make the purchase in two parts, paying just the Academy tuition, and the additional tuition when you are ready to make the trip to one of our destinations.