Special Boot Camp Alumni Discount This Week Only

Master Adrian Manz' 2SD Opening Gap Baltimore Chop Reversal

If you're attending the November 2018 Boot Camp, or have attended a Boot Camp in the past, you can purchase Adrian's most in-depth single-strategy course ever at a $200 discount. 

Just order before Sunday and enter the promo code alumni2018 at checkout to receive the special pricing.

You'll learn the exact parameters Adrian and Julie use to screen and refine 2SD opening gaps. This course takes what you've learned so far and raises the bar by fine tuning your skills, and empowering you with the most intuitive education Adrian has ever provided. 

You'll also have access to our new desktop scanner and historical data for 30 days. It's the best tool to get you in front of the best opportunities for profit every day - and it gives you historical scan data not available anywhere else so that you can practice all the gap trades using a simulator. You'll be a proficient Baltimore Chop trader before you ever take a real-money trade.  


Offer Expires Sunday November 4, 2018 at Midnight Pacific Time

During This Four-Hour Course, You’ll Learn:

The Four Specific Setups That Adrian Will Trade With His Money.

 The Three Methods Adrian Uses To Establish Profit Targets.

The Drills Adrian Believes Will Make You Highly Profitable

The New Scanner Puts You In Front Of Opportunity.

We partnered with a software engineer and Boot Camp alumni who trades Adrian's methods every day. The engineer worked with Adrian to develop a scanner that does what Adrian wants - the way he wants it done.  

The result is an application that runs on a dedicated Apache web server and provides pre-qualified gap data the minute the market opens. This easy-to-use application finds all of the gaps Adrian looks for in an instant.

  • No confusing tabs of data – everything is right there on one page. 
  • No scouring news feeds for the cause of gaps – earnings plays sort to a dedicated column. 
  • For about the same cost as an add-on scanner that ties you to a broker, this broker-independent platform finds the best setups in real time, allowing you to work with any broker you choose.  

When you start your Trading 2SD Opening Gaps course, you will receive a one-month complimentary scanner membership. You’ll have access to a full month of historical data, and you can put the strategy through it's paces with lots of data points.  

When you sign on for a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription, the historical database will extend all the way back to 2017 – you’ll be able to practice the trades with a simulator and build the expertise that only comes with repetitive training. You will benefit from what you’ve learned in the course in a way that we’ve never been able to offer before.

The scanner was twenty years in the making, and the result is the only live scan that Adrian uses to make his own trading decisions.  

My New Standard In Trader Education

Best Practices from 21+ Years of Market Experience

Since 1997, Adrian and Julie have successfully navigated the markets. You have already witnessed their success first hand. You know their passion for trading and for teaching. This course brings it all home.

This course is Adrian's best yet, and will methodically show you how to take the sometimes difficult Baltimore Chop 2SD Gap trade, filter and screen it, and turn it into the most intuitive discretionary setup you will ever trade.

"I developed this course to make the best potential trades easier to find than ever."

This Week Only - Use promo code alumni2018 at checkout for a $200 discount.

Ready to trade 2SD Gaps Like A Pro?