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Underground trading legend Dr. Adrian Manz has created his most popular mastery course ever. His brand new four-hour course and software will empower you to trade opening gaps in the first 30 minutes of each trading day with sniper-like precision.

To become the best trader, you need the best training. Dr. Adrian Manz delivers the new standard in trader education.

Adrian Manz has created an Opening Gap Mastery Class that takes your understanding and skillset of how to reliably trade opening gaps to an entirely new level. To harness the potential profitability of statistically significant opening gaps, traders need to take a deep dive into this powerful trading tactic, and Adrian has delivered a four-hour course that will make you a better first-hour trader in less time than anyone previously thought possible.  

Adrian raises the bar for trader education, delivering a completely developed bread-and-butter strategy for you. In this course you’ll receive:  

  • A brief recap of how to construct the statistical model and how it functions. 
  • A complete explanation of all the criteria that constitute a valid entry. 
  • The conservative “textbook 1-2-3 morning reversal”. 
  • The “Flip Top” reversal.  
  • The “Trap Door” reversal. 
  • The aggressive “first bar closing reversal” 
  • A completely developed methodology for establishing logical targets. 
  • A completely developed methodology for establishing logical stops. 
  • Live narratives by Adrian of trades as they unfold so that you can fully grasp the logic for every one of his entry and exit decisions. 
  • 180-day access to a new proprietary scanner that is not tied to any broker and puts you squarely in front of the best opportunity for profits each and every trading day. 
  • 180 days LIVE coaching coaching in our morning mentoring room with experts who use the strategies every day.  
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“The new gap course really closed the loop on clarifying the process. There is more than one area I could point to that was helpful, but I think Adrian walking through the simulated process and talking about what he was seeing was helpful for us visual learning folk :)” Brian T.

“I've traded Adrian's 2SD strategy for almost 6 years now. It's the core of my trading business, and I thought I knew it inside and out - but this course took my understanding to a whole new level. I went from feeling like I knew what I was doing to feeling like an expert." Rick K. 

Your mastery course syllabus...

Module 1

The role of technology, information, psychology, and strategy in builing a profitable trading business. We explore how the proper fit between these factors can mae you a profitble trader.

Module 2

The science behind the setup. We take a quick dive into the statistical process control that gives us the courage of our convictions. You don't need to be a statistician to trade the setup, but it is important to know why you do what you do.

Module 3

A deep dive into the three core setups of Adrian's opening gap strategy. We look at the standard, conservative trade, and two aggressive entries. This module starts you down the road of being able to identify the best opportunities rapidly through simple pattern recognition.

Module 4

Confidence is your best friend when picking gaps to trade. Quickly screening and parsing a handful of high-proability setups from a universe of thousands of stocks is key to building confidence and eliminating confusion. We look at the tools you can use to find only the best potential setups every day. 

Module 5

Live data simulations to walk you through the thought process one step at a time, as Adrian explains what is is looking at as each bar develops. Look over the shoulder of your teacher and mentor as he walks you through the logic a step at a time.

Module 6

The advanced Trap Door short sale is examined and developed. Mastery of this strategy prepares traders for the high-probability second-bar entry.

Module 7

Refine the skillset and learn to get in front of opportunitis in just five to ten minutes of trading. Learn to develop logical targets at pivot lines or key Fibonacci expansion ratios.

Module 8

Adrian examines an advanced entry that identifes opportunity before 90% of traders even know what to look for. The flip-top is developed in detail, preparing students for a trade before the crowd momentum.

Module 9

Knowing what to trade can win the battle. Knowing what not to trade can win the war. Adrian shows you the trade setup traps to avoid.

Module 10

Aggressive tactics for the high-probability early entry round out your training.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Once I complete the course, what is my next step?

Taking the course will make the concepts second nature. The focus after completion should be on using the historical scanner data and the trading simulator to fine-tune your skills and get you lots of practice without putting real money on the line.  

How many 2SD gap trades can I expect on a typical day?

After filtering scanner results per the guidelines in the course, you will usually see 2-4 opportunities for profit in the 30 minutes after the opening bell.

Do I have to watch trading setups every day for the strategy work? 

No. Each day is a new day. The strategy works because each individual setup falls two standard deviations from average volatility. This gives us 95% confidence of a move after a valid setup, and we do not rely on smoothing over time, so we don't have to sit there all day every day.

Can I use this along with other strategies?

Yes. The trades that we work with in this strategy are usually over after the first 30 minutes of the trading session. This frees up margin and brain space for other types of trades.

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