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In this seminar with my friends at MetaStock/Reuters/Refinitiv, I discussed my strategy for trading the QQQ intraday. But while I focus on strategy, my real emphasis is on discipline.

Julie and I are both psychologists, and if there is one thing that we have learned over the years, it’s that most of the people we train to trade the markets can quickly learn the strategy. Discipline and psychology always manage to create roadblocks or even sink the ship.

If you’ve ever fallen victim to any of the following trading pitfalls, then this seminar should be of interest:

  • Fail to pull the trigger on a good setup
  • Let losing trades run
  • Cut winning trades short
  • Add to a losing position using hope
  • Morning profits, afternoon losses
  • Take unplanned trades
  • Hold trades for “home run”
  • Reduce position size after loss


The replay is free to watch, so grab some popcorn and watch it now.


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