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First Hour Training Room Round up for Wed Sept 13, 2017

Another great first hour of trading in our Training Room today! If you haven't joined us yet to take advantage of these opportunities, please come on in and join a great group of serious traders. Members started off with opportunities in AAPL for the morning trade and...

First Hour Trading Round-up: Tuesday Sept 12th

Today was a very busy day in the trading room, with the members logging several trades in AAPL and alternate entries from the trading plan in EL, CPB and ALB and a good looking setup in NUE that was siimilar to our morning gap setup. Trades in AAPL were logged by...

Chart of the Day: Round-up Sept 11, 2017

Today in the First Hour Training Room we had a great day! Lot's of trades that went in our favor and a few that didn't. Notably AA was an early non-starter as was LEG. First, in our favor, if you are taking advantage of the Fast Ball Scanner, you saw that WEC for...

Chart of the Day: EFX over $2/share in the Training Room

In Friday's First Hour Training Room our proprietary Baltimore Chop opening gap scanner identified EFX as on of the potential trades. This was a great set-up that yielded $2/share when traded the way we teach our students in the training room. The entry was just above...

Round-up for Thursday Sept 7, 2017 - hope you didn't miss it!

Today in the First Hour Training Room we had a great day! There were potential profits of over $6/share, and more conservatively using the planned trades with over $3/share. CBS was a short on Today’s plan, with a planned entry at 61.74 and planned target at 61.09....

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We have been providing the highest quality trader resources available anywhere since 1999, when we launched our trading cooperative as a place for new and experienced traders to freely share ideas. Over the years, has evolved into providing more educational resources to traders at all levels of professional development. Our core philosophy has always been strategy, discipline, results. Our passion is trading, and our goal is to provide the best trader education available anywhere, at any price. Our focus is rooted in a basic principle espoused by Adrian Manz’s late mentor Peter F. Drucker – “What is our business? Who is our customer? What does our customer consider value?” Answering these questions correctly, and providing our customers with the best products, and the best value in trader education is our mission.