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Who We Are

Our Mission is Simple

We have been providing the highest quality trader resources available anywhere since 1999, when we launched our trading cooperative as a place for new and experienced traders to freely share ideas. Over the years, has evolved into providing more educational resources to traders at all levels of professional development.

Our core philosophy has always been strategy, discipline, results.

Our passion is trading, and our goal is to provide the best trader education available anywhere, at any price.

Our focus is rooted in a basic principle espoused by Adrian Manz’s late mentor Peter F. Drucker – “What is our business? Who is our customer? What does our customer consider value?” Answering these questions correctly, and providing our customers with the best products, and the best value in trader education is our mission.

Dr. Adrian Manz

Founder, Lead Trader, Chief Equities Analyst

Dr. Adrian Manz has earned his living trading stocks in his own account since 1998. He is one of the most sought after stock market educators today. His track record and desire to teach others how to consistently make profits in the markets has made him a popular guest at international conferences, in print media, and on radio and television.

He is a graduate of the prestigious Peter F. Drucker School of Management and the Claremont Graduate University. He and his wife and trading partner, Dr. Julie Peterson-Manz, live and work in Pacific Palisades, California.

Check out the collection of videos we’ve dubbed Doc’s Daily Dose to get an inside look at results generated and lessons learned by the man himself.

Dr. Julie Manz

Founder & Equities Analyst

Dr. Julie Manz has earned her living trading stocks with Adrian Manz since 1998.

Julie focuses her analytical expertise on finding multi-session trading opportunities in NYSE listed securities that meet strict technical and statistical criteria. Her latest analyses are presented to subscribers at each trading day. Her posts can also be followed via her regular twitter posts.

She is a graduate of the prestigious Claremont Graduate University. She and Adrian live and work in Pacific Palisades, California.

Tim Biggam

Chief Options Analyst

Tim Biggam has been a professional Options analyst and trader for over two decades. He was a successful Options Market Maker for First Options in Chicago.

Tim was Chief Options Strategist at Man Securities, ThinkorSwim and TradingBlock. He provides regular on-camera commentary for the major financial networks. And most recently, he started his firm, Delta Derivatives.