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Today in the First Hour Training Room we had a great day! Lot’s of trades that went in our favor and a few that didn’t. Notably AA was an early non-starter as was LEG.

First, in our favor, if you are taking advantage of the Fast Ball Scanner, you saw that WEC for today’s trading was a long that setup that ran from 66.77 to 67.17 with a realistic gain of $.40/share.

Next, if you are in the training room where we do first hour of trading each day (and you should be!) you saw three great trades in AAPL from the NASDAQ Scalper part of the plan, one seen below from 161.38 up to 161.87.

AON was a planned long trade for today, with an entry set at the published plan at 143.23 and stated profit target of 143.82. AON made this move early in the session for a possible .59/share gain. It did go on to trade up to 144.81  with an additional possibility of over .99/share profitability.

Look forward to seeing you in our first hour training room tomorrow!