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Six Intraday Income Strategies In One Master Plan


My name is Adrian Manz.

I have been a professional trader, analyst, money manager, and public speaker since 1998.  And with my Daily Income Trader, you will maximize your time and opportunities in the markets, while keeping risk to a minimum.

Whether you trade all day or just in the first hour. Or maybe you can only trade a couple of days a week or even a month. Whatever your schedule, this master-plan is for you.

Included in this amazing plan are three discrete products, all of which can be purchased separately, but together they provide the most comprehensive intraday trading strategies anywhere.

Trade the first hour, or trade all day – My trading plan is divided into sections that contain the best potential opportunities for every type of trader.

At first glance, these core strategies can be categorized as “trapping” tactics.

Fair enough – after all, I wrote an article about the power of working the markets like a trapper instead of a hunter, and the amazing results that can be achieved by lying in wait, as opportunities come to you.  But I have layered additional strategies on top of those methodical, calculated trading plans that allow for a good amount of intraday “hunting” as well. And with both in your arsenal, you’re tough to beat.

Here is how I operate in the markets.  It starts with the fact that my plans are published after today’s closing bell, so they are actionable the next trading day…

This Master Plan provides a roadmap for what to do throughout the trading day. It makes clear what to do first thing in the morning, how to handle the first hour, and what should happen during each of the 6 ½ hours that the market is open each day.

Once the current trading session ends I’ll be working on the trading plan that my members and I will personally use tomorrow.  These plans are delivered to members a few hours after the closing bell and feature action steps that pre define every decision point for the next session. The entries, targets, stops, and rules for money management are all laid out, before you make a trade.  That way, there’s no guessing.

You sit down, fire up the computer, and you know exactly what to do: what to trade, how to trade, when to trade- and most importantly, when NOT to trade. All of the levels… the entry, stop, initial target… I do it all the night before.

My motto is “plan the trade, trade the plan.”

You don’t have to worry about spending hours each day looking for profitable entry points and trading opportunities. You can follow my personal trading plan and feel a new sense of confidence… knowing that you have a seasoned market veteran with nearly two decades of experience and a proven track record to guide you. The night before the next trading day… I’ll send you a simple method that is easy to follow and has specific potential profit opportunities. And each morning before the market opens, you’ll have a road map for maximizing profits and minimizing risk.

Even when Wall Street crashed and burned back in 2008, I was able to give reliable signals and show my members how to profit from the biggest financial crisis of their lifetime.  And for 8 years in a row, my plan averaged a positive return every single month.

Let me tell you about my trading strategies.


STRATEGY 1: The Around the Horn Trading Plan


(here is the celebrated original)


With nearly all of 2015 behind us, the Around the Horn trading plan is on track to once again post eye popping returns for active traders.  That’s right! My Around the Horn Trading plan is on track to surpass 2014’s results by the time we ring in the New Year.


As of November 15, the year-to-date

2015 Around the Horn performance record is a gain of 78.8%


I’ve been a full time market professional for over 19 years.  I’ve spent a LOT of time and money testing different trading strategies so I could find the ones with the most potential profits and least possible risk.

And thankfully, my hard work paid off… because for nearly two decades now, I’ve been able to use my proven techniques to create a trading business I can run where I want, when I want.

I am told over and again that I’m considered one of the most knowledgeable and respected traders in the country. From Wall Street trading firms to regular average traders working from their homes… I’ve taught thousands of people how to trade.

With my Around the Horn Strategy, I Was Able to Create an Accurate, Reliable Trading System

Only TWO down months out of 118 on record… Always a positive Quarter

In fact, I believe that the Around the Horn system is the most effective, profitable, proven and risk averse trading system anywhere. A system even novice traders can understand and can to put to work with the knowledge that, since its inception, this system has maintained an astonishing streak of profitability.

For over 10 years, I’ve been quietly and consistently providing everyday traders the tools essential to succeeding in the market.

Right now there are amazing opportunities on Wall Street. But you have to know where to look and how to separate the gems from the junk.

When a stock meets my criteria, I place it on my trading plan. This means I identify the entry and exit levels and whether it has an acceptable risk to reward ratio.

My methods are able to pick a lot of winners consistently.  And by keeping the losers small, the winning average moves up.

For traders, this is the closest thing to having a crystal-ball glimpse into the future price action of a stock.  And while my strategy’s track record is incredible… my methods are based on the never changing nature of humans and their own self-interests and desires.

And that hasn’t changed since the dawn of time. Humans will always behave a certain way… and will react with fear and greed in certain times. I’ve learned how to see those trends on stocks… and see how I can profit from certain market movements.

The system I use works consistently… so you’re never going to run out of opportunities.

The biggest reason most people don’t make money trading is because they don’t follow any kind of proven system. In other words… they simply “wing it” and fail to follow any set rules.

Look… if you’re not following trading methods that have been proven to work… if you’re just sitting at your computer with no plan… odds are you’re going to lose more than you win! You can’t just wing it and rely on emotional “gut feeling” because it’s usually based on fear or greed.

But having a solid foundation… having a plan of action… having a mentor to guide you through the markets… having a group of likeminded traders with similar goals watching your back… THAT results in a method that’s extremely accurate, profitable, and very risk averse.


I CANNOT Show You How to Get Rich Quick


But… I CAN show you how to build wealth slowly and methodically over time. In fact, I have methods of making modest, consistent profits from trading stocks…methods that produce a monthly return of as much as 11% and an average annual return of 45%. While these may not sound as mind boggling as the 1,000% returns many unscrupulous advertisers promote, these are real, REPLICABLE returns.

What’s more, my trading plan averages a 45% annual return while risking on average 50 cents or less per share on nearly every trade.


I’m a Believer in Limited Risk and Steady, Substantial Returns

Believe me, there’s nothing wrong with earning modest, consistent profits. In fact, that’s how I focus my trading and how a lot of wealthy traders do it. They get rich slowly by banking small, consistent profits over time… profits that add up to a large amount of money. And with more experience… you can learn more trading techniques, use more capital, and also use margin to leverage your returns and profits.

If you’re ready to go beyond the hype… if you’re ready for a proven strategy to earn consistent profits… you’ve come to the right place. My Around the Horn trading plan is for you.

Let me reiterate – we’re NOT trying to ‘get rich quick’ here.

With my trading system, you’re goal is simple: skimming profits, a little at a time. I believe that taking modest profits consistently will always work better than swinging for the fences.

This way, you have the opportunity to take profits regardless of the current market situation. Using my Around the Horn trading plan, it is possible to profit when stock prices go up, and even easier to profit when they go down. In fact, a large percentage of the successful trades that my plan has generated over years have come from short sales that can be entered and exited quickly, safely, profitably, and several times over!

But that’s only the start . . .

Did you know that if you focus only on this part of the Around the Horn trading plan, you are missing the opportunity to add significantly to your bottom line? I have secret weapons to maximize my trading plan . . . The Around the Horn trades are the ones you see with the long, long celebrated track record at, but they are only one part of the remarkable trading ideas that are presented to my Around the Horn and Daily Income Trader members & students each evening.


STRATEGY 2: Stocks to Watch


(Here is the first secret weapon)


My Around the Horn trading plan has three sections. The second & third sections provide additional trading ideas so that my members have multiple opportunities to make money in the market each and every day.

Originally these were more discretionary trades that required skill and finesse.

I didn’t include these results for the track-record as they were not as easy to replicate as the Around the Horn Trades – especially for less experienced traders.  The Around the Horn performance record is presented trade-by trade that so my members can easily judge their trading performance and ability to replicate the results.  Unlike some so-called guru’s, I don’t leave you hanging, I show you every day how you should have done if you traded the plan methodically by the numbers. That’s why I avoided publishing results for Stocks to Watch.  This portion of the plan did not have hard stop losses until 2014.  I didn’t want my members to feel frustrated , thinking that they missed an opportunity.

And I did not want to report results for trades that did not have every parameter defined ahead of time ahead of time.

Others do that. I Don’t.

But watching this section of the plan day after day, I saw that these setups were very effective. I began to wonder  . . . what if I did automate these Stocks to Watch trades? Give them a “maximum stop” so that I COULD report the results in my very conservative analytical framework.

The results are staggering.

In 2014, Stocks to Watch posted a 61.95% return for the year.

In 2014, using an automated entry, stop, and profit target for the Stocks to Watch plan, the profitability of the Around the Horn trading plan nearly doubled.

A simple bracket order placed just before the opening bell was all that was required to automate the trades.  With the entire Stocks to Watch plan defined before the trading day, a second, replicable strategy is in place, making it possible for myself and my followers to pounce, and potentially profit, if they trigger.


STRATEGY 3: Pivot Trades


(Here is the second secret weapon)


“I don’t know one trader who doesn’t want even MORE OPPORTUNITY to make money each day.”

With a trading plan, it’s sometimes the case that the trades you planned the night before do not play out as expected the next morning.

And that’s okay, because when this happens, or maybe ESPECIALLY when this happens, there is still plenty of opportunity. I have a proprietary method for capturing additional profits even when on the surface the trading plan looks blown out . . . that’s when the fun begins!

My pivot point strategy is embedded in all of my plans as an alternate way to operate in the markets for the next trading session.  This is my alternate plan of attack, and when it generates entries, Plan B can generate significant profit potential from these easily identifiable pivot points – and do so multiple times every session.

This strategy can be layered on top of either the Around the Horn or the Stocks to Watch trades, making these setups very adaptive to market conditions while still having a rule-based strategy for a variety of circumstances.

This strategy allows us to book additional profits even if the stock comes back around and ends up trading according to the original plan.  My pivot strategy just takes the original plan and makes it better by adding more opportunities for profit.



Because members of my Daily Income Trading Plan receive all of these secondary entry levels along with their trading plan each night, offering as many as five additional profit opportunities for each setup on the plan. That’s right, the Pivot Points identified for each and every trade on the Daily Income Trader increase the opportunity for profit by a factor of five each and every trading day.

Obviously, these are more advanced entries than the simple set-them-and-forget-them trades that many members have counted on for years, but the added effort is well worth it in light of the potential boost to bottom-line profitability that the strategy offers.

And if you are wondering about the resources available to help you learn this strategy, remember that I provide live mentoring online each and every day for our members (more on that in a minute).

So far we have only covered 2/3 of what is possible with the Around the Horn plan . . . and the Around the Horn plan is only 1/3 of what the combined Daily Income Trader provides.

There is so much included in this DIT Master-Plan that it might seem, at first glance, like information overload.  But the plan is designed to be scalable.  So you can start by working with the Around the Horn section of trades, and begin layering in the other components as you get comfortable.

And remember, this plan was designed to give my family a flexible lifestyle.   We wanted to be able to travel and work on a schedule dictated by us, not those of a 9 to 5 job.

When we want to go skiing, we work in the morning, and ski in the afternoon.  When we want to scuba dive, we dive early, and work after lunch.  We hike in the mountains around our house, walk on our beach, or put the top down and drive through a local canyon – all whenever we want, and all because of the flexible lifestyle that our business model and this trading plan offers us.

If this is appealing to you, then consider adopting the strategies in my plans. They will give you the flexibility to spend the first hour OR the entire day with plenty on your plate, you decide. And if you like the idea of scalping, but also like consistency and knowing which stocks you’ll be working with ahead of time, strategies 4 & 5 are for you.




The NASDAQ Scalper Trading Plan is the fastest and easiest way for any trader to consistently get in front of opportunities for profits from the market, right around the opening bell.”

My Scalper plan has been enormously popular with traders looking to squeeze opportunity out of the markets.  This strategy is a favorite for members because it gives them an easy value line entry on high liquidity trades.

For many of our members, this plan represents their go-to strategy, because it can be traded on the open, after the markets settle in, during the NYC lunch, or going into the close.  They don’t have to be there all day to get the edge – they just need to confirm the volatility and bracket their entries and exits.

Every night, I personally review the high flyers on the NASDAQ. I look for the AAPL, NFLX, GILD’s of the world to be trending within predictable volatility bands that offer good in-and-out opportunities.

Just like the Around the Horn Plan, this is Published Every Evening by 7:00 pm ET.

Remember, my plans are different because I issue them the night before the next trading day. Also, remember that, with my plans in hand, you don’t have to second guess during the trading day – every level is clearly defined and the plan is designed to get you in front of trading opportunities, in real time, as they happen.

My plans take the uncertainty out of your trading day since there are no decisions to make at the last second. There is no guessing what to do, and no wondering if you’ll get the next trade alert in time.

Every stock on this NASDAQ Scalper plan offers you 3 entry points and targets for use throughout the course of the trading day.  Multiple entries and exits mean multiple opportunities for profit. There’s not just “one chance and if you’re unlucky you miss it”… there are multiple volatility-based entry points for any given setup.

With this plan, there’s no need to scan hundreds or thousands of stocks looking for good opportunities. I have the experience and knowledge of knowing exactly what to look for.   When a stock reaches one of three predetermined price levels…. my plan shows what, when and how I plan to execute the trade.

If you can follow some simple directions,
You can start to trade like a Wall Street expert. 

The Nasdaq Scalper plan can help you identify potentially profitable entry and exit points for specific high-liquidity stocks.  You can eliminate the guesswork and find the best trading opportunities over and over again.

The biggest complaint I hear from traders is that there are too many charts to follow, too many stocks to analyze, and too many decisions to make during the day.

So I’m always trying to make trading easier for regular folks who want to make money with a simple trading system that is easy to understand. The criteria I developed for this part of my trading plan gives ANY trader a simple way to spot the best entry point on a chart and then build gradually from there, gaining experience.

And whether driven by other traders or high frequency trading algorithms my Nasdaq Scalper Trading Plan is designed to predict and capitalize on them.

I’ll Find the Next Day’s Scalping Opportunities For you!

You’ll get my trading plan the evening before the trading day. The plan you’ll get is short and to the point. I’ll tell you the opportunity at hand – why I think it’ll be a winner, the stock symbol, the entry and exit points, and the kind of profit the plan is gunning for.

Don’t worry if you don’t know much about trading right now. The ‘action to take’ is so clear and easy, even the newest trader can understand it.

Plus, there are a ton of video resources available at to clear up any questions that you have.  In short, you’ll get the tools that each and every one of my members have. You’ll learn exactly how to control risk and establish the highest probability entries.  My trading plans can help any trader to become consistently profitable in the markets.

See for Yourself How Powerful It Is…

Let me show you the kinds of profits you can make with the system. The best way to show you how this works is by looking at a recent chart. This trade shows $.73 per share gain in just a twenty minutes.



That’s a profit of $730 if you’re trading 1000 shares.


Apple Inc (AAPL) is on the trading plan nearly every day.  It is a high-liquidity powerhouse, and you can see that the levels on the plan lined you up like a like a time-traveler for what happened the next day.  You had the setup in your hand the night before!

The Nasdaq Scalper trading plans have been a consistent, profitable favorite with members over the years.  These plans can help you approach the markets with confidence!  Each trading plan gives you sound trading opportunities in a market which promises a move between the planned volatility bands nearly every day.

Based on 19 years of experience and research in real-world trading, this system furnishes sound strategies that can be used by those who don’t have two decades to research and experiment.

Each evening, you’ll have all you need to trade volatility band setups in up to three Nasdaq stocks the following day.

Even though trading is a high-stakes game, you can reduce risk and maximize profit by following my plans. I use a structured, logical and disciplined process to arrive at the entries shown.  You’ll love having a powerful way to opportunity accurately and safely!

And if you like the sound of that on highly liquid NASDAQ stocks, you’re going to LOVE it on NYSE stocks . . . check out another layer of opportunity and secret weapon:


STRATEGY 5: Stocks and Sectors on the Radar


(This is the third secret weapon)


If you are like most traders and want even MORE OPPORTUNITY, and if you like scalping, this secret weapon is for you!

The third section of my Around the Horn trading plan is called Stocks and Sectors on the Radar.  This section is more discretionary – it lets you flex your trading muscles to decide if an entry at the suggested level is appropriate given market conditions – but gives you specific entries if all signs are a go.

This part of the plan is most appealing to traders who have been working with the markets and my plans for a while, and have the confidence to cross-check the correlation between market, sector, and stock momentum.  Once you are comfortable gauging broader momentum, Stocks and Sectors on the Radar gives you the potential to put up some impressive numbers quickly and repeatedly over the course of the trading day.

This is a self-contained separate component of the Around the Horn NYSE trading plan.  It looks to find confluence between the broader markets, the sector and then the stock itself. Just like the other two sections, it has all of the entry, exit, pattern, direction and pivot level information.

As traders, we are all in the business of creating as much opportunity as possible.  My job is to get everyone, including myself, in front of as much opportunity as possible each and every day.  Stocks and Sectors on the Radar is one more way to capitalize on  moves in the market.


STRATEGY 6: Trade with us Live!


(This puts all the pieces together…)


My unique formulas, combined with nearly two decades of market experience, have allowed me to consistently find the kind of opportunities that can generate great trades throughout the day, but also in just the first hour of the trading day.  That is what gave birth to the First Hour Trading Pit.

That’s right. You can trade for only one hour a day. Sometimes less.

Every morning that the market is open, our group of likeminded traders meets inside the First Hour Trading Pit and we line up the very best opportunities for the morning.

Your Very Own Research Team Working for You Every Morning

We are scanning the market constantly using the proprietary methods I’ve used in my work to find trading opportunities for the first hour of the day to hand to you.

Every trade we discuss has an entry, a stop, and a target.  We also share all of the trailing profit-protecting stop details with you once a trade starts moving toward the target.

Some online rooms are nothing but a game of musical chairs.
If you are the last one standing when the music stops, you have a problem.

Some online rooms trade dangerous high-risk pink sheet or penny stocks.


We Never Trade Illiquid Stocks


In the First Hour Trading Pit, we trade NYSE and Nasdaq listed securities only.  Most of them are S&P 500 or S&P 400 components.  This is a place where people who aspire to build a trading business meet every day.  To build a trading business, you need to approach the markets like a business.  This is not a game.  This is not gambling.

You can trade alongside us, you can paper trade the setups, or you can sit back and watch us in action to see that we are indeed the real deal.

This one hour can be the most profitable hour of your day… because instead of having to spend gobs of time sifting through thousands of charts just to find a few good trades, you’ll have experienced and highly successful trading experts giving you the best trading opportunities for the morning.

What could be FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVE when it comes to learning to profit from the markets then trading alongside experts and pro traders who do this for a LIVING?


This is where we Hand You High Quality Stocks that Have SERIOUS Potential

The trades we do in the room are NOT ONLY the trades from the plans already discussed. The very first strategy we focus on is a high probability opening gap fade using a strategy we call The Baltimore Chop.  This trade uses a statistic model to put us in the 95% confidence interval before we even consider an entry.

Then we move on to the volatility band Nasdaq Scalper trading.

We even have a cheat-sheet of stocks under $10, using YET ANOTHER proven method of profitability.

And much, much more.

When any one of the stocks on the watch lists or plans triggers our exclusive criteria, we let you know immediately. We then trade the best opportunities live, in front of your eyes, with our own real money.

Place the same exact trades yourself or watch us trade. You’ll be joining an ELITE GROUP of traders who are enjoying market-beating opportunities each and every day.

“Thank you for teaching me such a solid foundation . . . just to say thanks again for always helping me” – Matt O.

“11:10 am Peter S: Hi Adrian. Just thought I’d let you know that I’m up $17,103 in the past 22 sessions trading a $50,000 account with margin. In that same period I’ve had one down day on which I lost $202 due to a dumb mistake. All thanks to the Baltimore Chop. Best trade I ever learned.” – Peter S.

“Adrian’s methods really hit home, and my trading perspective made an epic leap. Now I literally see fantastic trading opportunities all over the place.  And since I have been used to watching primarily NASDAQ stocks, I have been posting the setups [in the First Hour Trading Pit] in those stocks.  If you want me to tone it down, please just say so.  Otherwise, we are killing them in there.” – Wayne W.


Trading can be a $500 per Hour Job You Can Do in Pajamas


Whether you’re tired of your 9 to 5 job, you’re not making the money you want, or you just want to supplement your income… trading is a great way to enjoy a self-directed career.

We have set a goal of $500 per day for the first hour trades.  That’s $500 an hour, working for one hour a day. With approximately 252 trading days in a year that’s $126,000 per year. In any economy, that’s a great paying job.

Obviously we can’t count on this number every single day but we can say that the same methodology produced SUBSTANTIAL profits 116 out of the last 118 months.



Mornings Have Never Been So Productive!


Imagine being so excited each morning that you rush to your trading desk. Imagine jumping into the mentoring sessions in the Trading Pit and right there on your screen you have a few things…

  • You have access to a professional trader and mentor with an impeccable track record.
  • You have a list of stocks that meet our strict criteria for potential trade setups.
  • You have a chat room full of eager, sharp, motivated traders to talk to and bounce ideas off of.

I’ll promise that as a member, you’ll look forward to mornings like you never have before. Trading doesn’t get any easier or more exciting.

One of the Most Consistent Trading Strategies Available to the Regular, Average Person

My members are given plenty of opportunities in the market several times a day. The evening before, I’ll send you my plan of the best setups I’ll be stalking the following trading day.

With my plans, you only need to draw the entry and exit lines on the charts, and then wait for the setups to develop during the trading day.

A focus on the first hour of trading gets my members and me in front of opportunities during the busiest and potentially most lucrative part of the trading day.  It also frees up the rest of the day to do the things we want to do.

Daily Income Trader creates a working day that feels like a fun hobby, but can actually be a VERY productive career. You’ll have time to live the life you want. Play golf.  Go shopping.  Lounge around on the beach.  Do whatever you want. Even go on vacation like Julie and I do, and trade in the morning and afternoon… leaving the rest of your day to enjoy.

I love spending the day with Julie and our son.  Sometimes we’ll trade for an hour or two in the morning, then we’re free to spend the rest of my day doing what we want.  We can see a movie, hike the canyon, walk on the beach, go skiing or go to the gym.  If a self-directed life is what you are looking for, then I urge you to consider learning the trading systems that we have developed.

What Makes My Trading Plans Different?

In the evening, I’ll send you detailed information for the next day’s trading plan. And you’ll be in and out of all positions at the close of trading.

I get in when it’s time and get out when I have achieved my planned targets and close out all of my positions at the end of each trading day. This isn’t buy-and-hold, or as I sometimes say, “buy and HOPE” trading.

You can start your day when you want, trade for an hour or two, and then take the rest of the day off to enjoy.

You’ll have none of the usual “get rich quick” hype.  The reason I began teaching my methods in the first place was because I was tired of all the nonsense that was being promoted as “trading advice”.

This is a simple, proven method that anyone can follow to.  You will soon see the potential for consistent and reliable profits.  I’ve been developing and refining this system since 1998, and I have taught traders all over the world how to break free from the 9 to 5 rat race.

This approach to trading will help you trade consistently in best and worst market conditions.

No matter if you’re new to trading or a seasoned vet…these plans will teach you to boost your trading accuracy and realize your potential profitability in less time!

This is Your Call to get off the Bench and Step Up to the Plate

As you may know, you can easily pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for personalized trading services. But few services can show you the kind of history mine has shown since 2006.

You’ll see the benefits of a solid education and on-the-job training in the First Hour Trading Pit immediately.  AND you’ll learn to trade more consistently – both benefits that usually take traders years to achieve!

How much is it worth to you if you could shorten your learning curve in the markets… and have the day’s best trading opportunities in front of you each morning before the market even opens.

Think about this…if the only thing this did was help you find more opportunities for profit consistently and easily … that would be worth at least something, right?

And if the only thing it did was make it so you were able to work for yourself … that would be worth something more, right?

If I made it possible for you to stop buying any more “trading systems” from so-called “gurus” that promise the world but deliver nothing… that’s worth something else altogether, right?

If this has the potential to make you a consistent, confident trader, that’s worth something, right?

The good news is… my service does every one of those things and more! And during this special limited time offer, I’ve decided to charge a fraction of what similar services cost, and offer Daily Income Trader at a 25% discount for new subscribers who join us this holiday season.

Here’s What to Do Next…

Invest in yourself and tap into the trading expertise that only 16 years of experience can produce. Let me teach you how to become a better trader and generate consistent income from the stock market. Get started on your profitable journey right now.

Order Daily Income Trader today RISK FREE for the quarterly fee of $521.25.  This special pricing reflects a 25% discount off the normal price of $695 per quarter.  This is your chance to try it for 30 days. If for any reason you’re not 100% delighted with it … simply let me know within 30 days and you’ll get a 100% refund.  No questions, no hassle.


joinnowThrow yourself into the ring with some professional traders and begin to learn from them immediately. You’ll be handed a basket of stocks to watch each day and have the opportunity to trade beside them or watch until you are comfortable.

I speak to my members regularly for their input.  They agree it’s worth every penny. So why not try it out for yourself?

You’ll never find a faster or easier way to learn to consistently trade for income. By ordering today you’ll not only get an extremely valuable “leveling-the-playing-field” education, you’ll be put in front of some of the best trading opportunities around, EVERY MORNING.

So take the next step for the small quarterly price of $521.25 today! All you have to do is follow our advice and trading ideas and you can attack the trading day with excitement and confidence.




Dr. Adrian Manz

P.S.  Our members in the First Hour Trading Pit get in front of phenomenal opportunities each and every day following our tips and recommendations. If you act quickly you too can capitalize on these opportunities! So, if you’re tired of NOT getting the profits you want… click the button below and sign up now. I know you’ll go from trading rookie to stock market pro in the fastest time possible.

Don’t miss out on building a solid trading foundation that can provide you with a lifetime income that dwarfs what you’d make at a “normal” job.

Click the Join Now button below so you don’t miss out on a proven way to potentially make an extra $126,000 a year, trading only the first hour of the day!




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