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Trading 2SD Opening Gaps
Mastery Class

Online Video Course by Adrian Manz

Adrian Manz' four-hour mastery class is designed from the ground up to turn students into experts when it comes to identifying opening gaps with the highest probability of making a profitable move back into the range.  This deep dive into gap trading turns the subjective to science and empowers you with four actionable strategies and extensive simulation training that will take the anxiety out of gap trading and replace it with skill and confidence.

Also included are 30 days of access to the TraderInsight 2SD Gap Scanner that will put you in front of these opportunities every day.  Plus 30 days access to live gap trade coaching in the First Hour Trading Pit, where alumni have been trading the 2SD Opening Gap Reversal Method as a group for many years.




Stock Trading Like A Pro

Online Video Course by Adrian Manz

This program consists of two popular courses in a discounted bundle: Stock Trading 101 - An Introduction to the Market and Stock Trading 201 - The Importance of Rule Based Trading. With over 3 hours of detailed video, Dr. Adrian Manz lays the foundation for anyone looking to learn more about (and duplicate) his success as a professional day trader. The information covered is not too advanced for a complete beginner nor too basic for veteran traders. This course comes with a month of free access to the First Hour Trading Pit where you can see Adrian's methodology being put to use each morning live.

The One Hour Trader

Recording of the Four Hour Live Mentoring Webinar with  Adrian Manz

In this four-hour training class, Adrian presented his turnkey first hour trading strategy:

  • How to spot the trading patterns that will allow you to fade the herd mentality and book consistent profits at the opening bell. These strategies focus your attention on actionable events that occur in the first few minutes of the session, and get your day off to a great start.
  • How to anticipate volatility bands and pinpoint turning points in key supercap stocks. This portion of the course will focus you on how to trade the Apple’s of the world during the first 60 minutes of the day with amazing accuracy.
  • How to use breaking news to book fast profits at calculable market pivots. You never again will need to guess how to trade the news.  Adrian will show how his time-tested filter will allow you to fade the news and spot the same high-probability setups that he has trained thousands of traders to profit from since 1999.
  • If markets collapsing is something you fear, think again – Adrian will show you how to profit from predictable moves lower, and why his Around The Horn Trading Plan posted unleveraged results of 88% in 2008.
  • You will receive unlimited access to the recording of the webinar.
  • As a special bonus, you will receive a full month of access to Adrian’s Morning Mentoring Sessions. These happen during the first hour of every trading day, and are moderated by Adrian, his wife (and trading partner) Julie, and two of his star students, Rick and Ken.

Stock Trading 101

Online Video Course by Adrian Manz

Stock Trading 101 - An Introduction to the Market In this detailed introduction to trading the markets, Dr. Adrian Manz provides students with a background in American equities trading that starts with the Buttonwood agreement and travels through time to modern online trading. Students of every level of experience have plenty to learn in this information-packed class.

The Income Trading Academy

16 Interactive Sessions + 650 Page Manual by Adrian Manz

The Income Trading Academy is the online version of Adrian Manz's Income Trading Boot Camp. If you cannot attend the live events, then this is the way to go.

This 16 session online course will teach you:

  • How easy-to-spot patterns that work in any market or asset class remove the guesswork and rollercoaster emotions from your trading.
  • How to correctly identify supply and demand above and below the current market without the use of confusing, contradictory, indicators.
  • How to combine the patterns, supply, and demand, in a way that will allow you to create a comprehensive trading plan with solid reward to risk ratios each and every trading day.
  • The mechanics of properly structuring orders to automatically execute entries, stops, and targets so that you can leave the emotional “buy-and-hope” trader on the sidelines.
  • How working in the markets just the first hour of every trading day could be all you need to build a career as a profitable trader.

Trading Opening Gaps

Online Video Course by Adrian Manz

Trading the open is a dream for many aspiring stock market operators. We have all heard the adage “amateurs open the market – pros close it.” But that is not necessarily the case. Using a model based in inferential statistics, Dr. Adrian Manz has found a way to accurately predict which opening gaps will revert into the chasm left by a close that does not align with an open. The resulting trade, which he refers to as the Baltimore Chop Gap Reversal, has been a favorite of hundreds of traders Dr. Manz has personally trained over the years. Once you watch the course and supporting videos, you will certainly agree.

This is a strategy for smart traders who want an edge on the typical retail player.  By the time you complete the Opening Gap Course, you will be on your way to understanding the edge that a quantitative model can provide.

Stock Trading 201

Online Video Course by Adrian Manz

Stock Trading 201 - The Importance of Rule Based Trading. In this detailed video, Dr. Adrian Manz lays the foundation for anyone looking to learn more about (and duplicate) his success as a professional day trader. The information covered is not too advanced for a complete beginner nor too basic for veteran traders. This course comes with a week of free access to the First Hour Trading Pit where you can see Adrian's methodology being put to use each morning live.


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Around The Horn

Hardcover by Adrian Manz

Now in its third printing, and completely updated and revised in 2007,  Around the Horn: A Trader's Guide To Consistently Scoring In The Markets remains one of the most popular trading books ever available.  This text from professional trader Dr. Adrian Manz consists of the easy-to-understand, resilient, high probability trade setups the author has used to successfully trade the markets full-time in his own account for nearly two decades.

Everything Adrian Manz has done to conquer the markets since 1998 is described in detail.  The strategies in Around the Horn present all the patterns Dr. Manz trades through every market environment.  Rising, falling, flat or volatile, there is a pattern set in the book that looks to capitalize on any market condition.

Around The Horn: A Trader's Guide To Consistently Scoring In The Markets has earned its widespread critical acclaim and become a top selling trading text by providing just what traders at every level of experience are looking for a game plan for consistently scoring in the markets.

Tricks Of The Trade

Softcover by Adrian Manz

From the start of their trading career, "Plan the Trade - Trade the Plan" has driven everything that Adrian Manz and his trading partner Julie Manz have accomplished.

Adrian Manz has always made clear to his students that they must have a concise trading plan.  He also tells all of his traders that they can only consistently replicate results that parallel those that a good plan can produce by constantly journaling and evaluating their trades.

In Tricks Of The Trade: The Jan - March 2003 Trade Log, Dr. Manz shows each trade that triggered during the first quarter of 2003. This was the period during which his best-selling book Around The Horn was first published, and the trade log is a trade journal of everything that happened in the trades, as well as in his head while trading them.

If you have ever wondered about what information you should be posting to your own trading journal, then Tricks Of The Trade is a great place to start. This book will point you toward an understanding of how to record your results, and your thoughts about every action you have taken.

Trade Secrets

Hardcover by Adrian Manz

Dr. Adrian Manz is one of the most sought after stock market educators today. His track record and desire to teach others how to consistently make profits in the markets has made him a popular guest at international conferences, in print media, and on radio and television.  His books are on the shelves of some of America's top traders, and his latest work, Trade Secrets is a trading strategy instant classic.

In Trade Secrets: Powerful Strategies For Volatile Markets, Dr. Manz teaches traders how to harness expanding volatility in the markets to profit in multiple time frames. Whether scalping, day trading, swing trading or position trading, Adrian Manz demonstrates how to plan, execute, and manage trades with the potential to yield exceptional returns with unparalleled consistency.

Dr. Manz is a graduate of the prestigious Peter F. Drucker School of Management and the Claremont Graduate University. He and his wife and trading partner, Dr. Julie Peterson-Manz, live and work in Pacific Palisade, California.

Layman's Guide

Hardcover by Dave Landry

Dave Landry has delivered the definitive text on profiting in the financial markets. In this book, he debunks market myths, reveals market truths, and teaches you to think and act like a trader. Mr. Landry also identifies what it takes to level the playing field, and shows you how you can regularly earn money from the markets like a professional.

The Layman's Guide To Trading Stocks has had swing and intermediate-term position traders excited for years.  Dave Landry has pulled out all the stops in this text, giving traders a level of detail that will make it easy for them to find and plan potentially lucrative trades.

This book offers a refreshing perspective and a new approach to Wall Street, whether you are entirely new to investing and trading or have been around the markets all your life.

Everything you need to know to consistently profit in the market is covered in this comprehensive work. Learn how Wall Street really works and what it takes to succeed in one of the most savage market environments we have ever known.