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Learn To Win The Battle
Between The Bulls And Bears

Adrian Manz’ Opening Gap Course Will Put You On The Right Side Of Every Open

How would you like to find a strategy that puts you in front of opportunities for profit each and every trading day?

Nearly every day that the market is open, major stocks in the S&P indexes gap higher or lower and provide us with a fantastic opportunity for profit.  These opportunities all happen in the first 30 minutes of the trading session, and many of Adrian Manz’ protégés are booking such significant profits with his gap strategy that, once the gap strategy 30-minute window has closed, they shut down their trading and do not return until the next morning.

That’s right – Adrian Manz’ opening gap strategy makes it possible for many traders to stop sitting in front of their computers all day, and start enjoying the freedom they sought when they got into the markets in the first place.

The Best Trading Strategy You Will Ever Learn

 “Hi Adrian. Just thought I’d let you know that I’m up $17,103 in the past 22 sessions trading a $50,000 account with margin. In that same period I’ve had one down day on which I lost $202 due to a dumb mistake. All thanks to the Baltimore Chop. Best trade I ever learned.”  – Peter S.

Same trader two days later…

“Up $1639.02 for the day … I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to and teaching me the BC Opening Gap Strategy”Peter S.

So, why is this attorney booking profits that have him “ready to retire and trade the first hour for a living instead of dealing with the daily grind”?   Watch this video, and you may be ready to think retirement yourself.

Spend 30 Minutes Watching The Online Course – Start Finding Opportunity Tomorrow

Successful trading is all about getting in front of high-probability opportunities, and controlling risk. Adrian Manz’ course, Trading Opening Gaps, will get you ready to spot opportunities that are statistically in the 95% probability range, and will give you a great framework, from which you can assess each potential trade, and select the ones that are most likely to capitalize on that probability. When you enroll in this training, you will plot a course to profitability at the opening bell.  Every enrollee will finish the course and have an understanding of the following:

  • The exact criteria for selecting opening gaps that fall in the 95% tail of the probability distribution.
  • How to select a conservative entry point.
  • How to select an aggressive entry point.
  • How to define logical and acceptable risk.
  • How to define a logical and reasonable profit objective.

This course will change the way that you look at the opening bell.  It will get you ready to succeed. And, right now, you can take the course for just $99 and have access to Adrian Manz’ live morning mentoring sessions, where he, and a group of traders he has personally trained, will walk you through the opening gap trading opportunities with their own real money on the line. You will agree – $99 is an unbeatable deal for this package. Watch the course, then join the other traders in the live online room each morning for 30 days. By the time the 30 days are up, you will be a better trader, and a believer in the power of statistically significant opening gaps. Click here to join now.