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Today in the First Hour Training Room we had a great day! There were potential profits of over $6/share, and more conservatively using the planned trades with over $3/share.

CBS was a short on Today’s plan, with a planned entry at 61.74 and planned target at 61.09. The stock did this and more, with .65/share on this move possible. There was additional potential down to 59.50.

LSI was a planned long trade for today, with an entry set at the published plan at 79.20 and stated profit target of 79.88. LSI made this move early in the session for a possible .65/share gains. It did go on to trade up to 81.50 with an additional possibility of over 1.5/share profitability.

DRI was a planned short for today at 77.86 with a profit target at 77.15, with a potential .71/share

ABBV was clearly the best opportunity of the day. The planned scalp had a long entry at 77.56 and planned target at 77.90. This is a discretionary trade, but ABBV traded up beyond 81.50 over the course of the day, with just under $4/share potential target.