Another great first hour of trading in our Training Room today! If you haven't joined us yet to take advantage of these opportunities, please come on in and join a great group of serious traders.

Members started off with opportunities in AAPL for the morning trade and opportunities continued throughout the morning with one of our Mastermind members reporting a planned trade from158.85 down to .42.

We also had several planned trades trigger our entry prices and go there planned initial targets.

CVS was one of these with a long from 82.89 to 83.45.

IP was another, with a planned entry at 55.79 and target down at 55.42.

APD did trigger an entry, but only made it 50% to the initial profit target specified in last night's trading plan, so when it came back to the entry it was a breakeven stop.

There was also a News Play trade that alerted today during the morning session in COF. We use this as a fade and pro traders Rick and Adrian were discussing live and Rick reporting a 80.34 short and profit target stop of 79.71 with over .54/share opportunity.