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Disciplined Intraday Stock Trading

Around The Horn Plan

This service includes the main portion of the Dr. Adrian Manz's daily trading plans. The same plan that booked 96 straight months of profitability and what he uses personally to trade intraday.

  • Multiple setups per day
  • Multiple entries and exits per setup
  • Stocks on the Radar
  • Model Portfolio
  • Video Tutorials

A solid plan for active traders looking to make modest, consistent gains daily.

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Disciplined Intraday Stock Trading PLUS LIVE Trading RoomNEW-STICKER

Around The Horn Trading Plan / First Hour Trading Pit Bundle

Subscribe to both Adrian Manz' Around the Horn Trading Plan and the First Hour Trading Pit, and save as much as 40% compared to individual subscriptions.

You will get all the benefits of a regular subscription to the Around The Horn Trading Plan, and have daily access to the First Hour Trading Pit each day.

This is a great opportunity to receive all the benefits of Adrian's most disciplined trading plan, and get live coaching on plan setups, opening gap reversals, news-wire opportunities, and alternate potential entries based on momentum reversals at confluence levels.

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First Hour Stock Trading

Nasdaq Scalper Plan

This service includes the second half of the daily trading plans that Dr. Adrian Manz uses personally to trade intraday. This particular strategy focuses on scalping larger cap stocks during the first hour of the trading day for significant daily income.

  • Multiple setups per day
  • Multiple targets per setup
  • Video tutorials

Compared to Around the Horn this is a slightly more discretionary plan for those looking to take advantage of the first hour moves and be done for the day.

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LIVE Trading Room

First Hour Trading Pit

Join us in the Trading Pit where you'll find a couple different strategies to choose from. You'll see sub $10 stocks aimed to help build up the smaller accounts and you'll see setups from Adrian's trading plans traded live.

  • High-Probability Opening Gap Fades
  • Volatility Band Trading
  • 2 Moderators
  • Video Tutorials
  • Live Trading For The Full First Hour

A community of like-minded individuals determined to beat the market each and every day.

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Stock Trading for Income

Daily Income Trader

This service is designed to give you all the tools Dr. Manz offers in order to help you trade for daily income. As a member of Daily Income Trader you will receive:

  • Stock Trading Like a Pro Video Course
  • Around The Horn Trading Plan
  • Nasdaq Scalper Trading Plan
  • First Hour Trading Pit Access
  • Model Portfolios
  • Video Tutorials

For the serious trader looking to generate consistent income month after month, year after year.

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Technical & Fundamental Shorter Term Options

Rapid Retirement System

Tim Biggam's technical strategy is a quicker-paced machine that exploits undervalued and overvalued stocks.

  • 1-2 Trade Alerts per month
  • Model Portfolio
  • Monthly Live Webinar

Using a unique blend of technical and fundamental analysis, the system (15 years in the making) was designed to create consistent returns in as little as a month.

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