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The First Hour Trading Pit

Join Us And Accomplish More In The First Hour Of Trading Than Most People Do All Day


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The First Hour Trading Pit is your opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with market veterans who have been trading for more than 20 years.  This is a place run by traders, for traders. And this is your opportunity to take advantage of a great offer that will put you in front of great trading ideas every time the opening bell rings.

The First Hour Trading Pit opens each morning at 9:00 am ET.  That’s when we start looking for opportunities.  We scour the news wires, looking for stocks that will gap or be heavily traded right after the opening bell.  These are the symbols that will be in play during the first 60 minutes, and they provide the bread-and-butter, high-probability trades that will make the First Hour Trading Pit a must for your trading business.


Proprietary Scans To Find Great Trading Opportunities Every Day


We use proprietary scans to find the best opening gaps, range expansions, news alerts, takeover chatter, and low float trading opportunities.  Over the course of the morning, our goal is to take the price action in thousands of stocks and narrow the field to a handful of the the highest probability setups.

Once the market opens, Dr. Adrian Manz and his inner circle of Boot Camp graduates monitor these scanners to find the handful of great trading candidates that will make the first hour the best hour of your day.  All the potential setups are announced ahead of time, and everyone has plenty of time to evaluate and plan the trades.


Trades Announced Live Before They Trigger


We know that it’s important to have all the parameters of every potential trade prior to opening a position.  That’s why every moderator in the First Hour Trading Pit presents every trade idea completely, with the entry, stop, and target in place before a long or short position is ever established.

We want members of the First Hour Trading Pit to be able to replicate the results of everything presented in the room.  By developing a detailed plan for every idea, we avoid the game of musical chairs that is so common in the trading industry.  Knowing where to exit is as important as knowing when to enter, and prevents you from being the last one standing when the music stops.

The Best Trader Education Available Anywhere


We know that it’s important to provide education to our members.  That’s why Adrian records a triggered trade nearly every day, and explains the logic behind how it was handled in an understandable video that can be watched again and again.  The videos are an indispensable learning tool, and will change the way you look at the markets.

Every member of the First Hour Trading Pit has access to hundreds of video lessons recorded over the past decade.  Everyone also has access to every planned trade Adrian has published since 2006.  It’s an educational foundation that you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s included with your membership.

First Hour Trading Pit Gap Trades

Low Dollar Stocks On The Move

Market Action Trades: First Hour Scans

A Support System For Traders With 10 Days Or 10 Years Experience

The First Hour Trading Pit empowers traders at all levels.  We navigate the markets with our own money on the line. Each trading day, we our members in front of the very same opportunities we are considering for our own accounts. As a member of the First Hour Trading Pit you will access all of this live every trading day:

  • Gap trading alerts live on the opening bell.
  • Breaking news trade alerts.
  • Real-time scanner trading alerts.
  • A full trading plan for NYSE blue chips.
  • A full trading plan for NASDAQ super caps.
  • Real time alerts for sub $20 high-volume scalp setups.

Become A Member Today, And Get In Front Of Opportunity Tomorrow.


Whether the market skyrockets or nosedives, our goal is consistency.  We’re in the business of hitting singles, not swinging for the fences.  Whatever the market or geopolitical environment looks like, you’ll see Adrian, Julie, Rick and Ken capitalizing on the same great trades day after day, week after week, year after year.

Please take us up on this great opportunity to become a member of our inner circle.  Click on the button below, and join us every morning in the First Hour Trading Pit.  When you become a member, you’ll have immediate access to Adrian’s Around The Horn Trading Plan, The Nasdaq Scalper Trading Plan, historical trading plan setups and results and, of course, the First Hour Trading Pit.

Sign Up Today – Join Us Tomorrow

30If you decide that the First Hour Trading Pit is not for you, let Rick know within the first 30 days, and we will refund 100% of your membership.

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