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The One Hour Trader Webinar

Learn How To Accomplish More In The First Hour Of Trading Than Most People Do All Day

The One-Hour Trader Seminar

Recorded Live


A $1,818.00 Value

Specially Priced Today $399.00


In this four-hour training class, Adrian presented his turnkey first hour trading strategy:

  • How to spot the trading patterns that will allow you to fade the herd mentality and book consistent profits at the opening bell. These strategies focus your attention on actionable events that occur in the first few minutes of the session, and get your day off to a great start.

  • How to anticipate volatility bands and pinpoint turning points in key supercap stocks. This portion of the course will focus you on how to trade the Apple’s of the world during the first 60 minutes of the day with amazing accuracy.

  • How to use breaking news to book fast profits at calculable market pivots. You never again will need to guess how to trade the news.  Adrian will show how his time-tested filter will allow you to fade the news and spot the same high-probability setups that he has trained thousands of traders to profit from since 1999.

  • If markets collapsing is something you fear, think again – Adrian will show you how to profit from predictable moves lower, and why his Around The Horn Trading Plan posted unleveraged results of 88% in 2008.

  • You will receive unlimited access to the recording of the webinar.

  • As a special bonus, you will receive a full month of access to Adrian’s Morning Mentoring Sessions. These happen during the first hour of every trading day, and are moderated by Adrian, his wife (and trading partner) Julie, and two of his star students, Rick and Ken.

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