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Pair the already extremely popular First Hour Trading Pit with the invaluable news feed from and dominate news based, first-hour trades each and every day!

Broadcasting live breaking stock market news and analysis 24hrs a day for Americas, Europe and Asia. covers a large range of financial and business news – specifically calling attention to items that traders should be alerted to and aware of instantly.

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From market moving economic releases and earnings announcements to program trades, street rumors, terrorism and natural disasters,’s analyst teams are recognized as the fastest source for international market intelligence 24-hours-a-day.

The leading provider of market intelligence and squawk channels since 1999,’s sophisticated database of company action and street contacts allows broadcasters to analyze facts and voice potential opportunities immediately – setting apart from other services by providing unmatched speed and accuracy.’s dynamic streaming headlines offer breaking news, economic data and a wealth of other market information. The popular ‘Ask The Desk’ feature, enables subscribers to request on-demand research and instant feedback directly from analysts and broadcasters around the clock. Additionally, clients can create customizable portfolios with email delivery options.

First Hour Trading Pit

This one hour will be the most profitable hour of your day… because instead of having to spend gobs of time sifting through thousands of charts just to find a few good trades… log into the “First Hour Trading Pit” and you’ll have experienced and highly successful trading experts giving you the best trades for the day, before the market even opens.

You’ll be a part of a community lead by multiple moderators and mentors. This is a community of like-minded traders looking to beat the markets each and every day. You will be able to bounce ideas and questions off of anyone in the room.

We’ve done all the tedious research to find good set ups and potentially profitable trades so that you don’t have to. And you’ll be learning from someone who profited a record 107 out of the last 108 months.


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