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Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Today in our First Hour Training Room we were watching eight NYSE stocks & three NASDAQ stocks from Adrian’s Around the Horn Trading Plan, published before the market opens. We also wait for the morning Gaps and trade those when they set up according to Adrian’s criteria.

Here is what happened in the Training Room today:

CPB was a Stocks and Sector on the Radar long side trade for today. The entry was set for 46.78 with a 47.11 profit target. Campbell hit the entry and profit target levels within the first couple hours of trading, with a .33/share potential profit.

WRK was a short trade on the core plan and had an alternate entry that gave even more profit potential. The pre-planned standard entry level was set at 56.52, with a planned alternate entry level at 56.96. WRK traveled up to the alternate entry level and moved down through the standard entry and within 3 pennies of the profit target. At that level (within 10 cents of our planned profit target) we move the trailing stop down to 50% to profit target to ensure a profit, and it trailed out at the 56.31 level.

It was a busy trading day in AAPL, with both profit opportunities and stop loss and breakeven stops. If join us in the training room you can see our traders discussing the levels live.