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Around The Horn Trading Plan

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All the tools a trader needs to navigate the markets.

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The Around The Horn Trading Plans are the fastest and easiest way for any trader to consistently get in front of opportunities for profits from the market, in just a few hours a day.

Every night, Adrian personally reviews over 1,000 stocks that trade on the NYSE. He looks for stocks that are trending and offer good in-and-out opportunities. He then creates a trading plan for the next day that he’ll personally trade and you can follow as well. He’ll identify the handful of stocks to trade IF certain entry criteria are met.

Knowing when to enter and exit can reduce risk, emotion, and give you a set plan for what you’ll be doing that day. It’s much easier to profit when you know what you’re doing. This way, you’re not guessing, trading on emotion, and making decisions on the fly.

The plans are published at night before the next trading day… so it’s clear what to do first thing in the morning. In other words, tonight Adrian will be working on the trading plan that he’ll personally use tomorrow. They’ll feature action steps that go out to subscribers with every decision point pre-defined. The entries, targets, stops, and rules for money management are all laid out, before you make a trade. That way, there’s no guessing. You sit down, fire up the computer, and you know exactly what to do: what to trade, how to trade, when to trade- and most importantly, when NOT to trade. All of the levels… the entry, stop, initial target… all done the night before. “Plan the trade, trade the plan.”

The First Hour Trading Pit is our resource for generating serious trades and interacting with serious traders.

This can be your personal research team, giving you the rare opportunity to evaluate if each trade fits with your trading style and tolerances. Here you can see pro’s trading their own accounts with positions they setup prior to making a move, giving their personal entry criteria, profit target and stop-loss levels Watch as they show you high-quality stock trades with enormous potential.

Several different styles of trading go on in the First Hour Trading Pit, from the proprietary statistically-selected opening gap reversals of higher dollar stocks, to setting up longs and shorts from another proprietary list of lower dollar stocks. Ideas for swing trades are discussed, as well as trades set up for quick scalps on high-liquidity NASDAQ stocks using volatility bands.

The first hour can be the most profitable hour of your day… instead of having to spend time sifting through thousands of charts just to find a few good trades… log into the First Hour Trading Pit and you’ll have experienced and highly successful trading experts giving you the best trading ideas for the morning, before the market even opens, at the opening as they develop and give their strategy for the rest of the day.

You’ll be a part of a community lead by multiple moderators and mentors. This is a community of like-minded traders looking to beat the markets each and every day. You will be able to bounce ideas and questions off of anyone in the room.

We’ve done all the tedious research to find good set ups and potentially profitable trades so that you don’t have to.

  • Trade opening gaps that have a 95% statistical probability of reverting to the mean.
  • Trade high-probability opening range volatility bands in super-cap Nasdaq stocks like AAPL, GILD, NFLX, and TSLA.
  • Trade high-probability trend-biased floor trader pivot, order-flow-confluence reversals.
  • Trade sub-$10 stocks for quick profits with a 3.33:1 reward-to-risk ratio.

Daily Trading Plan

You will receive Adrian’s personal trading plans each night before the market is open. It will contain clear, actionable entries and exits to look for throughout the day.

Members Only Back Office

You will immediately receive a username and password to access the web-based, members-only back office where you will find a stock pile of video teaching about or demonstrating the planned trades. You’ll also be able to retrieve the current plan and plan archives here.

Video Tutorials

It’s important that you are able to see how these plans are implemented so you can get the most out of the service. On top of a few “how to use the plan” videos, Adrian posts a new video almost every single day showing an example trade from that day.

Model Portfolio

Adrian keeps extremely detailed records of the performance of the trading plan year after year going back to 2006. The performance reflects entering at the planned entry, exiting at either the stop loss or the target, and handling the trades by the detailed money management rules that accompany each trading plan.

Small Accounts Welcome

Rick Kipp & Ken Olson have developed an incredible strategy based around Dr. Adrian Manz’s methodology that allows you to profit from low dollar, sub $20 stocks. Goal here is to help build smaller accounts quickly.

Successful Community

You’ll be joining an elite group of traders who are employing some of the best market-beating strategies every day. Every morning that the market is open… Rick, Ken, Adrian, Julie and a group of like-minded traders meet inside the War Room and line up the best potential and profitable trades of the day.

Trading Pit Video Coaching

To ensure you aren’t overwhelmed when you enter “The Pit” we have created a set of tutorial videos that will cover anything from the room’s settings to what trades you will be seeing and how to place those trades.

Plans Traded Live

In the room Adrian will be trading the setups from the Around The Horn and Nasdaq Scalper trading plans live so you can see how that service works and get the most of it if you are a subscriber.

“The big money is made by traders who earn consistent profits and then snowball them into more money and bigger paydays. And I believe that the safest way to make money is a little at a time, day by day, week by week, month by month.” Adrian Manz


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