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The Ultimate Guide

Stock Trading Like a Pro

Stock Trading 101

In stock trading 101, Dr. Adrian Manz shares more than 16 years’ experience as a stock market operator with those of us who are newer to the business. Whether it’s the historical foundations that put Wall Street on the map and keep it there today, how to find the right stocks to trade, or how to place orders efficiently, Adrian covers it in Section 101 of his The Ultimate Guide – Stock Trading like a Pro.

Students will be taken on a journey that makes sense of the business of trading. Knowing the history of how the street developed will help students understand why we trade the way we do today, and provide insights into dealing with the two major marketplaces, NYSE and NASDAQ. Each market is what it is for a reason. Adrian explains, and provides tips and tricks for dealing with each.

In this walk down Wall Street, members will learn about the major indices, and their impact on trading. The mechanics of order handling at the exchanges will help everyone understand how to get the best fills every time. And the discussion of margin, leverage, swing, position, and day trading will clarify the benefits and drawbacks of every trading style.

Adrian will discuss how to identify stocks and sectors that are on the move, and ready to provide solid trading opportunities. Basic chart reading, fundamental, and technical analysis round out a session dedicated to making students of the markets proficient traders of the markets.

Finally, Adrian will cover the basics of order types and order handling in a session that will make newer traders comfortable with how and when to implement market orders, stop orders, limit orders, marketable limit orders and trailing stop orders.

Section 101 will get students on a firm footing to learn the ins and outs of trading and profiting from the markets.

Stock Trading 201

We have all heard the adage – plan the trade, trade the plan. For most of us, that is easier said than done. A successful trading plan is constructed in a way that takes the guesswork out of trading, and leaves the person making the trades confident and secure in the knowledge that he will know what to do, when to do it, and why it is being done before any action needs to be taken.

In section 201 of Dr. Adrian Manz’s Ultimate Guide – Stock Trading like a Pro, students will have the opportunity to look over Adrian’s shoulder as he explains what the critical components of a successful plan are, why they are important, and how aspiring traders can learn and grow through the planning process.

Section 201 covers all of the planned trade types that Adrian incorporates into his own trading business – from completely rule based to completely discretionary. This section of the course takes students from the most highly structured trades, best suited for newer traders, to learning to spot opportunity on the fly. After completing 201, students will understand that a good plan is the foundation of a strong business, and that everything – from basic to advanced will be part of that business for many years to come.

Lay The Foundation