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Nasdaq Scalper Trading Plan

By Dr. Adrian Manz

Services / Nasdaq Scalper

The Nasdaq Scalper Plan focuses on the first hour and last hour of trading to get members in front of opportunities during the busiest, and potentially most lucrative portions of the trading day.

These trading plans are actionable. They go out to subscribers with every decision point pre defined. The entries, targets, stops, and rules for money management are all there before you ever make a trade. Compare that with “services” that give only an entry price and leave the rest to you. I’m certain that most traders have been frustrated when they could not replicate the results of these services, and my inner circle of traders know that this is not how I operate.

Daily Trading Plan

You will receive Adrian’s personal trading plans each night before the market is open. It will contain clear, actionable entries and exits to look for during the first and last hour of the day.

Members Only Back Office

You will immediately receive a username and password to access the web-based, members-only back office where you will find a stock pile of video teaching about, or demonstrating, the planned trades. You’ll also be able to retrieve the current plan and plan archives here.

Video Tutorials

It’s important that you are able to see how these plans are implemented so you can get the most out of the service. On top of a few “how to use the plan” videos, Adrian posts a new video almost every single day showing an example trade from that day.

Model Portfolio

Adrian keeps extremely detailed records of the performance of the trading plan year after year going back to 2006. These are real number results that account for slippage and commission fees.

“One thing that I have learned about traders is that they never feel that there are enough opportunities for profit. Once a trader has become proficient and profitable using one technique, he or she usually wants to add something new to the trading repertoire. Traders like to see opportunity every day. They hate sitting on their hands because the perfect setup did not come along.

I know this is true, because I go through it myself. I have watched my wife, and trading partner, Julie go through it, I have watched my private equity partners go through it, and I have seen hundreds of my clients go through it. Everyone would like to add to the bottom line, and that is why I structured my Nasdaq Scalper Trading Plan to grow with my subscribers.”

– Adrian Manz




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